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What a cutie~Go ahead and drag

What a CUTE idea!


What a cutie~
Go ahead and drag

What a CUTE idea!

I <3 Chloe. :o)

Hi Hank, So my friend and I were discussing the tumblr post that says 'If you weigh 99 pounds and you eat 1 pound of nachos, you are 1% nacho' and how it's not true, but we couldn't figure out why it's not true. Could you help?


I don’t know the post you’re talking about…but it depends on the definition of “you.” If it’s just everything that’s inside of the space enclosed by your skin, then you would indeed be 1% nacho in the moment after eating a pound of nachos. 

However, the nachos are not “you” in that they aren’t your cells, and they don’t have your DNA. Though, that would also go for the bacteria that you contain, which make up about 3% of our mass, and all of the interstitial water that isn’t enclosed by your cells (I’m guessing another 20% or so)

However, in an interesting way, your digestive system is kinda not “inside” you. It is very much a tube of outside that runs through our insides. It’s a long and complicated tube, and our body has a lot of control over it, but we’re all kinda just long doughnuts with a mouth on the top and an anus on the bottom. 

So, in that way, the nachos are never really “in” you. Molecules of fat and carbohydrate and protein will be absorbed, but the nachos are “outside” of you until they’re broken down into something that is definitely not nacho before being absorbed.

Awesome…. eeew!


ART: Fashion in Leaves by Tang Chew Liang

Whilst browsing the interwebs today, we excitedly came across the work of Tang Chiew Liang, a Kuala Lumpur based illustrator and graphic designer, who creates mind-blowing collages of leaves and graphics. Ling’s latest project “Fashion in Leaves” takes art, fashion, and nature in a direction we could have never imagined! More after the jump:

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This reminds me of Edward Weston. Taking normal objects, and turning it into somethings a whole lot more than the original object.


Liu Wei - Untitled, 2011



Benjamin Graindorge



Dew-Soaked Dandelions

Anything photographed with macro photography takes on a whole new level of beauty. Color, form, depth seen at a perspective only available when magnified. Size does not exist without the ability of comparison. Form must continue infinitely towards the smallest levels just as its inverse continues to the largest, without end in either direction.


Ursus Wehrli - The Art of Clean-Up (2011)

The artist channels his obsessive-compulsive disorder into art with a project of deconstructing and reorganizing